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        Be sure that the contract has been sent out to the client for them to sign. This process needs to be started early on, so that time lost to clients delaying contract signing is minimized.

        You can use Zapier's to 英国汽车节目automatically send a英国汽车节目英国汽车节目 new contract each time you run this checklist英国汽车节目, giving you the power to customize contracts (or any document) with data gathered from checklists. For an example of how to set this up, 英国汽车节目take a look at this 英国汽车节目HelloSign + Process Street integration tutorial.英国汽车节目

        英国汽车节目Mark the sub-task as complete英国汽车节目 once you've sent out the contract document.

        • 1
          Contract sent

        You may also need additional documents, such as a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or similar confidentiality forms.

        英国汽车节目Use the sub-tasks below英国汽车节目 to keep track, if need be.

        • 1
          NDA sent
        • 2
          Additional documents sent


        During this call, you should clearly outline the 12-month plan and make it clear how you and your agency fit into the picture.

        You can also take this opportunity to ask any questions, and allow the client to air any questions they might have as well.

        Once scheduled, 英国汽车节目note the date of the meeting alongside the planned agenda below:英国汽车节目

        Finally, after-the-fact, you can 英国汽车节目jot down any notes pertaining to the call英国汽车节目 for future reference. These details will be used to automate some smaller tasks later on in the checklist.


        One of the first things you'll need to do is 英国汽车节目send your new client a questionnaire英国汽车节目 with questions that will help you gain insight into the project and align you and your team with the client's goals and needs as a business.

        You can do this via email or using a tool like Wufoo or Survey Monkey. Take a look at the bulleted list below for some ideas for what to include as a marketing agency.

        英国汽车节目Example Questionnaire for a Marketing Agency:英国汽车节目

        • What tools and platforms are you currently using in your marketing efforts?
        • What are your goals? Is this leads, customers, or revenue?
        • What is the lifetime value (LTV) of each customer? What is your LTV goal?
        • Do you have customer personas? Who is your ideal client?
        • How much does it cost you to acquire a customer?
        • What ROI have you seen on your current marketing efforts? What are you currently investing in?
        • What percentage of your customers is generated through online methods?
        • What are the steps in your sales process? What are the common hesitations clients have?
        • How do you currently find leads? Do you know what your cost per lead is? Do you know what your lead-to-conversion rate is?

        First, 英国汽车节目set a deadline 英国汽车节目for the questionnaire:

        Then,英国汽车节目 use the email widget below to forward your questionnaire to the client.英国汽车节目 

        In the sample email is a placeholder URL (one of the questionnaires we use at Process Street) which will automatically pull the email address of your client that you entered earlier into the URL.

        You'll want to either create your own questionnaire with Typeform or an equivalent tool, and replace the Process Street URL below (making sure to keep the same URL structure in-tact).

        Then just 英国汽车节目make sure everything looks okay and hit "Send".英国汽车节目


        Check this task as soon as you receive everything you need to start the project.

        英国汽车节目Consider uploading the files to the form fields below英国汽车节目 so that they're on hand for future reference.


        Do some research into the different campaign ideas you could approach for this project. Utilize all the information you have on file about this client, including sales calls, questionnaires filled out, plus documents and resources they've already provided.

        Check out some competitor companies and see what worked or didn't work in those cases; insight from competitors can often be invaluable and should always be taken into consideration.

        英国汽车节目Collect your findings in a document英国汽车节目 using a tool like Dropbox Paper or Google Docs; make sure the presentation is clear as this will be an invaluable resource in communicating to the rest of the team later on in the process.


        Will be submitted for approval:
        • Create marketing plan first draft
          Will be submitted


        Whatever you use to manage your current customer and project status, make sure to update all CRM and project management databases with any new information after the initial call. 英国汽车节目英国汽车节目

        This a great opportunity to utilize the power of Process Street's 1000+ integrations; for example, you could set up a Zap that 英国汽车节目pushes call notes recorded in previous tasks straight into your CRM 英国汽车节目when this task is checked.

        This might be as simple as updating some notes on your client's profile or recording a certain deadline or milestone.  Whatever the case, 英国汽车节目u英国汽车节目英国汽车节目se the sub-tasks below英国汽车节目 to keep track of your progress.

        • 1
          CRM updated
        • 2
          New agenda task created in project management tool



        Send a quick email to the client to thank them for their time and dedication so far, and to notify them that work has officially begun on the project. 

        There isn't necessarily much information to impart here; it's more a gesture towards keeping your client updated and the processes behind the project as transparent as possible.

        The widget below has a template email with the client's email address auto-filled already. It's worth spending some time personalizing parts of this to best suit your situation with the client, so be sure to 英国汽车节目edit the body of the template that's listed inside of square brackets.英国汽车节目

        英国汽车节目Give it a look over and edit it to suit your needs英国汽车节目, then hit "Send" before moving on to the next task.


        One week into the project, or since your last call is a good time to have a follow-up with your client to address any concerns they might have, as well as give them routine updates. 

        Even if they have access to a project view where they can see updates, delivering this information in a short, formal call can do well to assure the client that the project is progressing as planned, and to reassure them that they have made the right choice in choosing you as their solution.

        Once scheduled, 英国汽车节目record the date of the first follow-up call below.英国汽车节目

        英国汽车节目Make notes on the call英国汽车节目, and then consider whether the feedback from the client means that any changes to the marketing strategy will need to be made, and英国汽车节目 record your decision below.英国汽车节目

        Make a point to 英国汽车节目send a follow-up email as soon as you get off the call英国汽车节目, including all the information discussed, so that there is a clear record of each exchange for everyone involved.

        • 1
          Follow-up email summarizing first follow-up call sent



        If your client has any problems, they will have communicated them to you in your last call. Based on this feedback, make any changes you deem necessary to course-correct and eliminate the client's concerns.英国汽车节目英国汽车节目

        英国汽车节目Be sure to record the changes that need to be made in the form field below, 英国汽车节目and as before, it's important to inform the whole team of any changes made.

        • 1
          Make necessary changes to marketing plan
        • 2
          Update the master document
        • 3
          Make sure the team are informed of any changes