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        Before you get start creating, publishing and promoting content on your blog, you first need to have a blog... 

        If you already have your blog set up, you can skip this step, if not watch the below video to see how you can setup your company blog in under 5 minutes.


        WP Engine (Use this link for our special discount)
        Amazon AWS (Use this link for our special discount)


        This checklist will work for sharing all forms of content whether it is a blog post, eBook, video or whitepaper. However, if your content is some form OTHER than a blog post, you should also be writing a post about it on your blog. So while not all content has to be blog related, you should always be blogging no matter what your content type.

        If you don’t have a blog, check out this video: How to Create a WordPress Blog in Under 5 Minutes

        Next step is to prepare a summary of your content.

        男篮赛程Make Sure your Content is Epic男篮赛程

        There is a huge caveat to this checklist is that your content must be EPIC. If you create crap content, most of these techniques will yield little to no results and will be a huge waste of time. If you don’t know what epic content is, take a look at these guides:

        Now you have your epic content, its time to prepare it for promotion. I use Evernote to do this, but you can easily use Notepad, Word etc..


        I usually prepare a number of headlines (5-10). I keep the best for myself then use the rest for posting on social media, content syndication and content repurposing (ie naming a slide show or pdf etc)

        男篮赛程Brief Description男篮赛程

        Write a few of these, one to three sentences long. This are needed when submitting to many sites

        男篮赛程Post Excerpt男篮赛程

        Grab the first paragraph from your post or the intro


        Take the URL of your post and your blog, you can also add tracking IDs with Google Analytics to track different traffic sources.

        男篮赛程Shortened URL男篮赛程

        Bitly.com is the most popular

        Once you’ve prepared your post, its time to start promoting! Follow the below checklist to generate a huge wave of traffic to every piece of content you create.

        *Don’t forget you can get this as an interactive checklist inside Process Street, allowing you to track the promotion of multiple pieces of content, customize and hand off to your team. Start a free 30 day trial of Process Street to see it in action.


        Ask all your team members to share across their social media networks


        Not sure how or what this social media thing is? Check out the below video for a great introduction into the basics of Social Media.


        Outreach means manually emailing, tweeting and even calling people to tell them about your content. Yes, yes, I know this sounds like hard work and truthfully it is, but sometimes you have to do things that don’t scale to get the ball rolling.

        Outreach is arguably the most important thing for a new blogger. Check out how 男篮赛程Alex Turnbull got over 1,000 subscribers to his blog from one post thanks to blogger outreach!

        To start with outreach, you first need to create a list of bloggers you want to target. There are a few considerations here. First, they should be relevant to your niche. Don’t contact bloggers who blog in a completely different area to you. Secondly, as always, you content must be awesome!

        Another tip here is to look for “up and comer” bloggers as they may be easier to contact and get less requests than really popular bloggers.

        男篮赛程Tools to Find Influencers男篮赛程

        Search on Twitter
        Facebook Graph Search for Fanpages
        Google Search for Blogs
        We Follow

        男篮赛程How to Contact Them男篮赛程

        Email – Preferred Method
        Contact Page
        Facebook Page

        男篮赛程Tools to Manage Outreach男篮赛程

        Buzz Stream – Specifically designed for blog outreach
        Trello is a great free organizational tool to help you track activities
        CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool will work if you already use one

        男篮赛程Email Templates for Outreach男篮赛程

        Outreach Letters for Link Building [Real Examples]
        Blogger Outreach Email Template
        How To Write A Blogger Outreach Email
        How To Create a Killer Outreach Email With 4 Quick Steps and 3 Simple Tips
        10 Hand Curated Blogger Outreach Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

        男篮赛程More info on Outreach:男篮赛程

        Blogger outreach is a big topic if you want more information on blogger outreach check out the below guides:
        Advanced Guide to Content Promotion
        How to Develop a Solid Blog Outreach Strategy
        My Favorite Way to Get Links and Social Shares – Whiteboard Friday
        5 Tips for Developing Better Blogger Outreach


        Content syndication is where you allow another site to publish your content. There are some huge sites in the game of content syndication including Business2CommunitySteamFeedSocial Media TodayForbesBusiness InsiderInc and a lot more actively publish syndicated content.

        Content syndication can be a great way to get some solid spikes in traffic. You will need to pick your best content and pitch sites on republishing your posts. But, there are drawbacks…

        You would think that Google would rank the original blog post before any syndicated versions. In a lot of cases – that doesn’t happen. The thinking behind this is that Google ranks the site where people prefer to read the post. So, there is potential that you could lose out on some search engine traffic.

        If your blog is new then you may want to hold off using syndication until your blog is more established.

        For a guide to content syndication check out these posts:

        男篮赛程Syndicating your Content by Quicksprout
        Syndicating Content Whiteboard Friday by Moz
        The Ultimate Blueprint for Guest Blogging and Syndication by Buffer
        500 Places to Syndicate your Content by BuzzBlogger


        JustReTweet is a kind of Twitter exchange, where you can earn credit re-tweeting other peoples posts and use that credit for others to retweet your posts. This is a great way to get some early re-tweets and social proof for your post.

        This is a very easy task to outsource to a VA as part of their daily tasks to earn you credit.

        Check out the below video to see how JustRetweet works:


        Finding forums in your niche and contribute to them can be a great way to drive traffic, just be careful not to spam!

        Respond to threads that ask questions about the topic of your post with a short summary and a link back, you can also post new threads in relevant sections of the forum. Posting your content in forums is generally fine as long as it’s relevant and useful. If they think you are spamming you will probably be banned so tread with caution. But there are plenty of people who generate thousands of visits a month from forum marketing so it’s definitely worth testing.

        Some forums also allow you to link to your website in your signature. These forums are great as every one of your responses will have a short pitch and a link to your site.

        How to find forums:

        Search Google for “Niche + Forum”
        Board Reader
        The Biggest Boards

        Below is a video explaining forum marketing in more detail.


        Posting on relevant high-traffic blogs can bring in a bit of traffic, it won’t be anything monstrous, but it can bring a steady stream of a few thousand visits a month if done well. If you want to really generate traffic from blog commenting, you will need to be the first commenter. To do that you can use a tool like Mention to watch for new posts in your on high traffic blogs, then quickly jump on to reply.

        I don’t do this at the moment. Generally what I do is after I publish a post, I search 2-5 variations of my post title. For example, on my post “男篮赛程Why I Moved from Dropbox to Google Drive” I did a search for “Dropbox vs Google Drive”, “Google Drive Review” and “Dropbox Review”.

        I then searched just the first and second page of Google for articles that allowed comments, posted a quick response to the article and included my link. Don’t bother going past could of pages as 90% of people don’t visit the second page of Google. Sometimes your comment won’t get approved, but if your content is EPIC and RELEVANT you should get approved no problems.

        If you don’t feel comfortable posting the URL to your post in the comment, most comment systems allow you to include a link to your website that will be attached to your user name. Here you can include a link to your content, although it will probably get a lower click through rate.


        Scoop.it is a service that allows people to curate their own private lists of content from around the web. Other people can then follow these lists and read the suggestions of their owners. Scoop.it has many big lists in every niche.

        To promote your content on Scoop.it, you will want to submit it to the top 25-50 lists in your niche. If the owner approves the article it will be published for all the followers to see and can generate a flood of traffic. Remember, your content needs to be epic and relevant to be approved for sites like this.

        Select Topic
        Find Popular Lists
        Suggest Content


        If you are aggressively working to build a blog and audience, you can consider paying to promote your content.

        There are a number of channels you can tap to do this including:
        Facebook Ads
        Linkedin Ads 
        Seed with a StumbleUpon ad Twitter Ads


        If you’ve been blogging for a while you probably have a few older posts that get consistent traffic. Go back and try to find the most relevant/high traffic posts and work in a link to your new piece of content. Google likes this and it generates more traffic.

        You can also find related post plugins on WordPress and most other blogging platforms. These are great for interlinking between posts on your site and driving traffic from your old content to your new stuff.

        Yet Another Related Postsv Plugin
        WordPress Related Posts Plugin
        Jet Pack Related Posts
        Disquss Internal Discovery