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        Before beginning to put the cash flow plan together, it's小学课文又现造假 essential小学课文又现造假 to review the 小学课文又现造假current and preceding小学课文又现造假 balance sheets to 小学课文又现造假identify and calculate the changes in current assets and liabilities. 小学课文又现造假

        A simple way to do this 小学课文又现造假create a spreadsheet with 3 columns小学课文又现造假 (as seen in the example below) 

        小学课文又现造假Note down the changes小学课文又现造假 in the form field below.

        Source: IFRSbox


        小学课文又现造假Identify and examine cash revenue sources.小学课文又现造假

        Highlight where you have received cash from during the month covered in this report.

        小学课文又现造假Record小学课文又现造假 data using the 小学课文又现造假form field小学课文又现造假 below.

        Similarly, 小学课文又现造假identify and analyze all types of cash disbursements小学课文又现造假 for the month and list them in the 小学课文又现造假form field小学课文又现造假 below. 


        Fill out the小学课文又现造假 initial worksheet details小学课文又现造假 using the form fields below. 

        You can download a free worksheet template below. 

        You can integrate the data from the form fields with your worksheet by using Zapier. To read more about how to integrate Process Street with Excel or Google Sheets 小学课文又现造假check out these zaps. 小学课文又现造假


        • Use the 小学课文又现造假lists of sources of cash receipts and disbursements小学课文又现造假 to label the rows of the worksheet.

        小学课文又现造假Cash revenue sources:小学课文又现造假 {{form.Cash_revenue_sources}}

        小学课文又现造假Cash disbursements:小学课文又现造假 {{form.Cash_disbursements}}

        • 小学课文又现造假Group cash receipts and disbursements小学课文又现造假 into two, label the first group as cash receipts and the second group as cash disbursements. Each group should have its own sub-total.
        • The 小学课文又现造假Net Cash Flow小学课文又现造假 will be posted in the final row for each period covered.



        Next, 小学课文又现造假sum up all itemized cash disbursements.小学课文又现造假

        Once you've calculated your totals for cash receipts and disbursements, your worksheet 小学课文又现造假should look something like the example below. 小学课文又现造假

        *The example below contains data from the two previous months, this is what your worksheet should look like.  


        小学课文又现造假Verify all calculations 小学课文又现造假made over the course of building your Monthly Cash Flow Plan.

        小学课文又现造假Once the final document is verified小学课文又现造假 upload or link it to this checklist for safe keeping using the form fields below. 

        小学课文又现造假We recommend getting someone to double-check your final report.小学课文又现造假

        It is important to get someone to review your report and numbers. In accounting one little numeric error can have serious consequences, thus, we really recommend getting someone to review this report. 

        You can use the小学课文又现造假 'Assign Members' 小学课文又现造假dropdown below to assign this checklist to someone within your Process Street organization: Assigning a member will allow them to review the report and then 小学课文又现造假approve it in the following task.小学课文又现造假